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Friday, 20 April 2018

Makeup Empties and TV This Week

Hey Chickens,
I have not posted in like 20 days, ekk. I have decided to post when I want to post and not put pressure on myself so it does not feel like a job and it can go back to being a hobby. Anyway, this isn’t what is blogpost is about. This post is about all of my makeup empties. The other night I went through my makeup boxes and decided to get rid of my empty products, products that are out of date and ones that I don’t use anymore. I actually have a list of about 5 or 6 products that were empty but I loved them. I also want to do a blogpost on new makeup that I love, but that will be another day. Let’s get right into this.

The first product is the Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder in the shade 005 Silky Beige. I love this product; it makes your face look so even and sets your makeup wonderfully. I especially love this shade because it puts colour back into your face and gives you a really nice and healthy glow. This is not that expensive either, I think it is about $10.95 from Priceline.

The second product is the Maybelline Fit Me concealer in the shade 15 Fair. I hated this concealer for my face but I loved it as an eye area concealer. It was not the best for my under eyes because I have very dark under eyes but it did help. I loved it as an eyeshadow primer and I sometimes like to put concealer around my eyebrows because I personally think it makes them look cleaner and this concealer is great for that. This concealer is also good to pack on a glitter eyeshadow.

The third product is the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation and its’ matching primer. I love how full coverage that the foundation is and I originally had it in 200 Soft Beige but that was like too dark for my skin tone I found out so I’m going to have to go a few shades down a get a lighter shade. I personally think this foundation does dry my skin out a bit but it does a great job at making it look even and smooth. The primer is also great for keeping the foundation moving on your face and canceling out brush streaks. The foundation also has really good flash back.

Another ‘collection’ from Rimmel I love is the Wake Me Up Foundation and Concealer. This concealer is the absolute best for my under eyes. I get the shade Soft Beige because I prefer and darker under eye concealer and this is the best. It makes you look so awake, does not do anything to your skin like dry it out and gives you a nice healthy glow. I also loved the foundation equally and when I buy it again, I will be sure to get the right shade. When I brought this foundation, I brought it a shade up from what I used to get so it was way too dark and I couldn’t use it properly without having a face and neck skin tone difference. The only problem with these products is they have sparkles in them, so in photos with flash and some lighting you can see that.

This has nothing to do with makeup but I wanted to do a little t.v review for this week. For anyone that watches Home and Away the guy who plays Lewis was on it and the girl who plays Ricki is becoming a new character. I was just reading through this and realized I didn’t say who Lewis and Ricki are, I meant those characters out of H2O. The Fear the Walking Dead season 4 premier was pretty good, the ending was really good though. I think next weeks episode will be really good. The Walking Dead, ughhhh. Now, I love The Walking Dead and I always will but 2 seasons have been building up to that shitty war, I think it was a major cop out. The shows writers need to get their heads together like they’ve completely changed Negans character from the start of Season 7 and Darrel not killing Dwight, he has been going on for a whole season how he was going to kill Dwight and….. like ahhhhhhhhh. I’m still really annoyed that Simon died because I love Steven Ogg and I loved Simons character and Dwight doesn’t have anymore storylines so hes like out of the show, like whats happening. And then there is the whole Maggie vs Rick, which I don’t even know. And they are compeltly dragging out this Carl storyline, if I see Michonne somewhere sulking about Carl one more time, I’m gonna lose my shit.
On another note, I went to go see Rampage this week. A third because I liked the look of it and two thirds because Jeffery Dean Morgan was in it. I’m not usually the biggest fan of action movies but this one was actually really good. I also really want to be that alligator, he’s like a badass. I would recmond going to see that because it wasn’t actually that bad. Another movie I really want to see is A Quiet Place, it looks right up what I like.

Now, blogposts. Like I mentioned before I want to write a blogpost about new makeup that I just love the look of. I also got some books from Booktopia last week so I might make a blogpost on that. Mothers Day is also coming up so I might do a little gift guide but I’ll see about that. I do have a few ideas for blogpost so tonight I might write up a few of them and post another blogpost Sunday or something like that.

Thank-you all so much for reading this blogpost. I know that this doesn't really have a 'theme; but I quite liked it. Also sorry of there is spelling and grammer mistakes, I'm quite tired tonight so sorry about that. Hopefully you enjoyed this post. I love you all the way to Mars and back but until next time, bye.

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Where have I been, New Phone and Love

Hey Chickens,
It feels so good to be writing a blogpost. The title of this post may be a bit confusing but this is going to be a life update. I don't really know how long this is going to be or where this is going to go but I'm going to let it unfold how it does. This is isn't going to be my last blogpost for like 2 months now, I'm currently on my Easter Holidays which means two weeks to post and be really active and get all my blog things together!

The big question that I will answer is why I haven't been posting on anything and why I've been so inactive. Now, this is for a few reasons. I'm in Year 9 this year and in school I want to get good marks so I've been doing extra homework to get better marks and that is on top of my regular homework. It has paid off, it does take a lot of work but it's paid off and I've been getting good marks on things at school. That did take the expense of my whole Em Blogs platform. I just didn't really have time to post. I'd get home, have like 45 minutes to an hour of time for myself then I would do homework until like 8 or 9 at night and it would be like that for most nights. I just read back through that and it sounded a bit like I was trying to make people feel sorry for me, that isn't what I'm trying to do. I choose to do this but I'm changing up my ways in Term 2. Another major reason was my mental health. Now, on this blog I have chosen to be very open so you may know I don't have the best mental health. On my Mums side of the family there is a mental illness and on my Dads side there is another mental illness. The mental illness on my Mums side is more serious and I don't have that but the mental illness on my dads side is depression. I haven;t been diagnosed with depression so I'm not going to come on here and say that I do, but I do have depressive parts and triggers. At the moment, I feel heaps happier but for about a month my every-day life was making me have depressive moments. I don't know if I'm making sense but basically if I didn't write that properly then I have depressive moments that can be triggered by things in my life. It happens for a month to a few months at a time and I only really feel that depressive thing at school and sometimes at my house. I've also been a bit messed in the head at the moment because I have/had a crush.

That leads into the new paragraph. Crushes. They make you feel horrible and great at the same time. Now this isn't really a reason why I haven't been posting but I wanted to add this in anyway because we are all humans and we all feel like this at some point in our life, but it's more dramatic when we are teenagers. Lets call this kid Johnny- that is not his name, I just love the name Johnny ever since I read The Outsiders. Now Johnny is my friend and I met him through another friend. All my friends in my friendship group keep saying that me and Johnny should date. I started liking him in February and I keep saying nah or I'll say not this shit or bullshit again. You may be wondering, why are you saying that when you like him, well, I don't want to ruin our friendship. I talk to him on Snapchat and stuff and it was about 2 weeks ago when Ii was on FaceTime with like one of my best friends. That night I had found out and told her that another one of our friends like her and they were talking. The guy that likes one of my best friends is also really good mates with Johnny. My best friend asks the guy that likes her if Johnny would ever date me and he said no probably not. Because I am 14, that was the most dramatic thing to ever happen. I was like heartbroken, I was really sad and it was so fucking stupid. Last night there is a group chat with my best friend, me, the kid that likes my best friend and Johnny. My best friend ask Johnny if he would ever date and he said he preferred another one of our friends. Then she asked a similar question and he said we have been through this and said I would prefer to date you, meaning my best friend. I was also snap-chatting my best friend and I made a joke out of it. But basically that was really long, kinda complicated and completely unnecessary but I felt like I needed to share that.

The other thing I said in my title was that I got a new phone. I got it actually exactly two weeks ago. This phone came with a lot of complications but anyway. This phone is actually second hand, it is my dads girlfriends old phone which it just weird in itself. If you have ever spent like 2 hours in a Telstra shop, you will know it gets really fucking boring after 15 minutes. What happened was my dads girlfriend payed out Telstra to buy her phone then upgraded her plan to get and iPhone 8. Then I got he phone. This may sound good but there is other factors I can't tell you about because it's to personal but the only reason why my dad did this was because his girlfriend wanted a new phone and those other factors come into that. The reason why I was told this was happening was because I had an iPhone 5s which I completely smashed the screen. I don't want you guys thinking I'm being a dick because I am an grateful for getting a new phone but it wasn't what I wanted, it doesn't teach me anything about life and if I break something I have to fix it and the reasons behind it weren't for me. Please don't think I'm a bitch now. The phone was actually an iPhone 7 plus which means better quality photos for my Instagram and just in general which is good.

On a more fun note, I finished Tex by S.E Hinton last week I think it was and omg, I just love S.E Hinton. It's different to something like The Outsiders but it is still so good like I love her books so much, they are so amazing. I could talk about her books for hours on end. Apart from that I haven't been reading that much at the moment. I have been watching a fair few movies and I think I've watched The Worlds End like three times, it is such a funny film. I've also been out to go see movies a fair bit. I've seen Black Panther, Game Night which is so funny, I don't think it's still out but if it is, go see it, and that Tomb Raider which is the Lara Croft one and I'm not the biggest fan of action movies but it was pretty good. Tomorrow I'm actually going to see Ready Player One which I really like the look of and it has Simon Pegg in it so how could you go wrong. This is also something I need to talk about is The Walking Dead. I still love the show but whats happened to it. The amount of times everyone has had to kill Negan and they haven't like wtf. There is too many storylines and they aren't being consistent and as much as I love Negan, that whole storyline and this war has gone on for too long.

If any of you are Walking Dead fans you know that the character Morgan is moving over to Fear the Walking Dead. I started watching it Wednesday night and holy shit it is so good, all I wanted to do is watch it. I highly suggest watching Fear the Walking Dead because it is so addictive and I love it. I also love Frank Dillane even though he's twelve years older than me, I love him. I have also been watching Gravity Falls because I've seen heaps of the episodes but I don't know what happens at the end. It is also a really funny show. Earlier today I was having a look at the new shows on Netflix and they have season 3 and 4 of The Next Step. Now, I loved this show when I was younger and I think it was around a year ago I watched through the first two seasons and I am actually so excited. Another thing is I have been wanting to watch Futurama but Foxtel doesn't play it anymore and I'm so annoyed like why would you do that.

If this is the first blogpost you have read of mine, you probably think I'm so weird and all I do is watch movies and t.v shows, it's not entirely true. I won't be posting another blogpost until like Wednesday or Tuesday next week but I am going to be active on my Instagram so go follow me over there- em_blogs. This blogpost turned out to be like really long but anywayyyyy.

Thank-you all for reading this pretty long blogpost, maybe you enjoyed it, maybe you didn't. Like I said, it will be a few days until my next blogpost but it is coming. Happy Easter for tomorrow everyone, I hope you have a lovely day. I'll probably share my day with you all on my Insta stories. I love you all around the Universe and back but until next time, bye.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Moomba 2018

Hey Chickens,
I know, this is my first blogpost in literally like almost a month and on Instagram I've like havent been active but anywayyyyy. Ahh no, if you want to know why I might explain at the end of this post but if I don't I will be doing like an update post next week and I'll go into depth. Anyway, on Saturday like a few weeks ago I went to Moomba and into the city for the day and I thought I would share my day with you all. If you don't know what Moomba is basically it is a cheaper version of the Melbourne show. It is along the Yarra and it's all open and free to go to. Lets get into this post.

If you were in Melbourne city on that Saturday, you would know if was really f**king hot, I mean 36 degrees hot. I didn't actually spend that much time at Moomba, maybe 2-3 hours because it was way too hot. I was also wearing jeans so that made it about 10 times worse but they were ripped. I actually think I spent most of the day at Southgate because it was cooler in there and I love that place because they have everything you need. I also got some Maccas at the start of the day if you wanted to know, it was a nutritional breakfast. Also like Presha Fruit had a stall again it was the anniversary of finding one the best drinks on the planet.

We (meaning my brother, my mum and I) were going to go back home early but it was way too hot so we decided to stay in the city for Dinner. If you read my New Years Eve blogpost then you would have read about this restaurant type food place in Crown. My brother had decided to shout as all out for dinner there and it was amazing. I've been there three times now and every single time the food has been bloody amazing and everything about the place is good. If you guys ever end up in Crown and have a bit (more like a lot) of extra coin to spent on Dinner or lunch GO TO SAN ANTONE. I can't really remember what we got, it was something like ribs, pulled pork and a brisket but it was all amazing and I loved it. They also have really fantastic ice-cream.

After dinner we were going to go home but then we decided to go to Playtime an I bet my brother at Daytona and Basketball which was such a surprise. I literally don't even know how to drive and I'm the least sporty person you'll meet. We also drew at air hockey and I sent the circle thing you hit across the room, so did my brother. That was fun though, then after that we eventually made it home like 5 hours after we were meant too.

I do just want to say, I'm not trying to brag about any of this, I just wanted to show you my day and what I got up too, even if it was like 3 weeks late. This weekend I might be going to the Flower Show but that is just an idea at the moment. I'm also very sorry for not posting and being so inactive, I am going to have a longish blogpost going up next week or maybe this week about everything that has been happening since mid February.

Thank-you all so much for reading this, hopefully you enjoyed it. I felt so good to be writing this blogpost and I'm happy to be back blogging and writing for you guys and for me. I might have another blogpost up this week but I'm not promising anything, I'm just going to see how everything works out. I love you all to Venus and back but until next time, bye

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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Book Review- The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier and Stone Cold by Robert Swindells

Hey Chickens,
Todays blogpost will most likely be short but knowing me, I'll find something else to write about at the end making it longer than intended. My intentions of this blogpost is to write a two reviews. One on the book The Chocolate War which I finished earlier this week and Stone Cold which I finished last night. These are two very different books but honestly, I loved them both and needed to share them with you. Just now, when I was searching up the author for The Chocolate War I found out that there is a follow up book for it so like, I'm definitely going to have to read that.

The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier-
Very quick, short and basic summary of the story-line is:
There is a secret society at a Catholic school called the Vigils that kinda run the school. Trinity (the school) has an annul Chocolate fund-raiser which the students need to sell 20,000 boxes of Chocolate. The Vigils give this kid an assignment to do with the chocolate sale an from there it all goes wrong.

I actually really liked this book. It took me a while to really start getting into it but after that I was full on invested into this book. The ending was probably my most favourite part of the book and I was satisfied with the ending (this was before I found out about the second book). I was so excited when there was a second book because it will continue on with the story and The Vigils and the school. I really like Robert Cormiers writing and there is a few more books of his that I looked at on Booktopia that I like the look of.

Stone Cold by Robert Swindells-
Again, a short summary of the story-line-
This book is about homeless young people in London. It follows the story of Link (who is homeless) and how he become homeless and how he survives and him meting people. There is also a serial killer in London killing all the homeless people.

This book is only 133 pages, so I read it in about two nights and I just didn't want to stop reading it. Not much happens and it is a fairly slow moving book but it is written really good. The serial killers parts are very believable and it actually feels kinda creepy. It's a very good book to read because it feels so real. I liked the ending, it was good. I do feel like the ending was a bit rushed but I liked the way it was wrapped up.

I'm so sorry I've been so inactive recently, it's just stuff gets in the way and time gets away from me. In other news, on Tuesday night I'm going to see Black Panther (I've heard so many mixed reviews on it) an I'm really excited. I might post a review on it on Wednesday night but I'll see how I go. Also, I was just looking around and the Chocolate War is also a movie, like what. It is also one of the most banned books in America and I will admit, it is a bit inappropriate but it's nothing any teenager or adult doesn't know about.

Also, this deserves it's own little sentence because THE WALKING DEAD COMES BACK ON TOMORROW NIGHT. I have so many question and I can't wait because I love The Walking Dead so much. Ever since I went to Walker Stalker at the start of February, I'm just like ok, Walking Dead, come back on. And cause I met Austin Amelio and Steven Ogg, I'll be like, I've met them in real life, I have pictures. As you can tell, I'm very excited. 

Thank-you all so much for reading this blogpost, I hoped that you enjoyed it, if you did make sure to let me know. I'm sorry if this blogpost doesn't have much to it, I've been writing parts of this all day between homework and doing stuff in my room. At the moment, you may have noticed, I'm uploading every Sunday, I'm going to try and start uploading on a Wednesday as well, but I'll see how that goes. Anyway, I love you all to Jupiter and back but until next time, bye
Em Blogs signing off

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Sunday, 18 February 2018

New products: Pop Vinyls and Books

Hey Chickens,
Todays blogpost is going to be a new type of one. I'm going to be talking about new products that have come out recently that I like the look of. I'm not sure how this is going to go and if you'll like it but I just thought it could be a good blogpost. Also, I'm not going to say that I invented this concept, it has been around for ages.

On Wednesday night I ordered a few books off Booktopia (they should be coming early next week) and 2 of them are a bit different to the normal types of books I read but I really like the sound of them. I got Tex which I already know it's going to be good because I love S.E Hinton. One book I got which is about a band with a bit of a love story in it- Struts and Frets by Jon Skovron. The third book I got is like a full on YA love book which is definitely not my style but I liked the sound of it. The book is called Anything to Have You (by Paige Harbison) and basically it's about a girl who falls in love with her best friends boyfriend which is a classic thing that would happen more than you think. I don't know when these are going to come but I'll update you on my Instagram and on here.

Pop Vinyls-
Now, when I went to Walker Stalker I got to see heaps of the new Walking Dead Pop Vinyls and honestly I love them a lot. I'm waiting on a Simon one but it's all good. I really love the King Ezekiel Pop Vinyl cause it just looks so cool. I do think that we need more of Rick, like c'mon, what are you playing at Funko. I always saw in the Pre-order section that there are new Lord of the Rings Pop Vinyls coming out and I saw so excited because how doesn't want a giant tree, gollum and Aragorn in their room. Another Pop Vinyl that I want is from The Hobbit and it's Smaug and I first saw this at Walker Stalker and he looks so cool but he is bigger than all the other Pop Vinyls and that just makes a bloody cool dragon even cooler. I do feel like Smaug was a bit hard done by in The Hobbit but anyway. Last but not least is Care Bear Pop Vinyls are for Pre-order. When I was younger I loved the Care Bears and some of you may remember a few years back at the Royal Melbourne Show I brought a toy of a Care Bear. I'm not gonna lie, they do look a little scary but I think I'm going to need them all because I bloody loved them when I was younger.

For the past couple of days I have been thinking about when I want to post my blogposts and I thought I might post a blogpost every Sunday night. For the past few weeks that's what I've been doing and it's been working quite well. Over holidays I get more blogposts up because I don't have school but I'll keep you updated about this.

Also, quickly before I end this post, I just wanted to say to everyone, please go and check out my blogpost from last week about Walker Stalker because it means a lot to me that blogpost and I worked really hard on it so please go show it some love :)

Thank-you all so very much for reading this blogpost, it means a lot to me. This post was a bit strange, it didn't really come out the way I intended it too but I want to do another one of these all about new makeup so maybe that one will be better. I'm sorry I've been so inactive this week on my Instagram, it's been a strange week and things have happened and time also just got away fro me. Anyway I love you all to Mars and back but until next time, bye
Em Blogs signing off

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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Melbourne Walker Stalker Con 2018

Hey Chickens,
Yesterday I went to the first ever Walker Stalker Con in Melbourne. I didn't post anything on my Instagram story because I was so happy and so excited about the whole entire day, I didn't even think about doing it. Basically, this was one of the best days of my life and I'll never forget it. I really hope Walker Stalker Con comes back down to Australia next year because this was so good and I would love to go again.

This post won't have a lot of pictures mainly because I have a fair few pictures of myself and I don't want to show my face as I like to keep my identity private. If you haven't seen any pictures from Australian Walker Stalkers than out the front they had a look a like of the front gates to Alexandria and they had the sign.  
I saw almost every single panel for the Saturday event- I saw the Alexandria crew, King Ezekiel, The OG crew and I watched part of the Hilltop panel. I didn't see Katelyn Nacon singing but I did hear her. I got a few photos of the actors at the panels and I was really surprised. Tara is one of my favourite characters (they all basically are my favourites) and I didn't really like Alanna Masterson. I did really like Tyler James Williams and if you didn't know, he was in a Lab Rats episode so the year 4 Emma inside me was screaming because I loved Lab Rats. I loved seeing Scott Wilson because who didn't like Hershel but the person who surprised me the most was Irone Singleton because he was just really cool. He shared a bit of his childhood and I found it very inspirational. I'm pretty sure he grew up in Atlanta and he was a crack dealer (if you don't know what crack is, it's a drug) and he didn't know his father and his mother was addicted to crack and what he was saying was just so inspirational. No surprise here, I loved King Ezekiel (I don't know how to spell his real name), he was just such a confident and open guy- it was the same with Irone Singleton. Something that was really funny was in the OG crew panel, Michael Rooker came out onto the stage and got the crowd going about if T-Dog dropped the key in the first season on purpose of if it was an accident. Thinking about it, in the Alexandria crew panel, some guy was asking a question for the guy who plays Aaron and he had mistaken him or Tom Payne, the guy who plays Jesus, then to make it worse when Tom Payne was on a panel, they mentioned the same guy and it was soo funny.

I got a photo op with Austin Amelio and holy shit, it is my favourite photo ever. My makeup looks flawless in it, which I love. I'm a very pale person and it's funny cause Austin Amelio and I are like the same paleness. He was so nice and I just can't get over that I got to see him as well as meet him especially because Dwight is one of my favourite characters. I also got a selfie with Steven Ogg (When I went to go write that and whenever I think of Steven Ogg for some reason I think Simon Pegg instead of him but anyway), Irone Singleton and Michael Cudlitz. When I had a selfie with Irone Singleton, he asked what grade I was in and I'm in Year 9 and then he started asking me about my grades. I do kinda try at school and my grades aren't the best so he said to me to keep working at it and keep trying and to just keep going because it will work out and I really like that because whenever I think this is so shit, I don't know how I'm gonna do it, I'll think of what he said because it really stuck with me. 

At the Walker Stalker place, they had this little stand that were selling icy-poles and they were $5 bucks but it was amazing. I got the Watermelon one and if you ever see them at an event, please go and buy one because you will not regret it. All around the building, they had different places with walkers you could go and have a photo. They also had a bike to represent Darrell's bike and they had the leather jacket with the wings on the back. Foxtel had a little section which was playing Walking Dead episodes and they had a few cool pictures in that area.
Another really cool thing was, we parked where the rides normally are when the Royal Melbourne Show is there. Before then, I had only been to the Melbourne Showgrounds for the Royal Melbourne Show and I didn't know that there was car parks there and I found that cool. After Walker Stalker, I went back into the city and I got a hsp from the same place I got one on New Years Eve. I also went to 7/11 and got a glazed donut. Now, I'm not the biggest fan of donuts but I bloody love Krispy Kreme glazed donuts, they are amazing. 

 I honestly had the best day. I was just so lucky that I got to even see the actors and I've got to meet and have a photo with 4 of the Walking Dead cast is just a dream come true. I'm not trying to brag about my day or anything, I've said this before but I like to write these posts to look back on and you guys seem to enjoy reading these posts. Thank-you Walker Stalker Con for putting on such a great event and thank-you to all the current and past Walking Dead actors that came out to the land down under.

Thank-you all so much for reading this blogpost. I hope that you enjoyed reading this post, if you went to Walker Stalker Con in Australia, comment down below or dm me if you enjoyed it- like I said, I had the best day ever. Remember to go check out my last blogpost which I posted on Wednesday and it is a review on the new Maze Runner movie. I love you all to the Moon and back but until next time, bye
Em Blogs signing off

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